Ulysse Tassin


Mainly narratives (shortfilms, series, features..)
But also Commercials, documentaries and other kind of project.
Feel free to contact me.
I'm located in France (Paris) and can easily work anywhere around the world.
My passport is up to date and I have my driving license.
I'm always working with my 1st AC and my gaffer that I trust.
And, depending on the project's complexity, some other technicians in Grip, Camera and Electrical Department.
I'm also on good terms with rental companies in Paris area.
I personnaly own a Leica lens set (19-24-35-50-90) and have access to a fully equiped Blackmagic.
But the camera, grip and lighting equipment depend vastly on the director's visual expectations, budget and production schedule.
I work on Red One/Epic, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Cameras, Sony "F" series and also on film (S16).

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